Served 7 days a week
11:30 AM to 3:30 PM

All dishes served with choice of soup: Hot & Sour or Egg Drop
$ .50 Extra for Take-Out Soup
Appetizer: Chicken Wing or Crabmeat Rangoon, Rice: Boiled Rice or Plain Fried Rice.
No substitutions, please.

L1 Sliced Chicken With Vegetables 8.25
* L2 Kung-Pao Chicken 8.25
L3 Chicken with Cashew Nuts 8.25
L4 Sliced Chicken with Broccoli 8.25
L5 Lo Mein (Chicken, Pork, Beef, Shrimp or Vegetables) 8.00
L6 Diet Steamed Chicken with Vegetables (with brown rice) 8.50
L7 Diet Steamed Shrimp with Vegetables (with brown rice) 9.00
L8 Vegetarian's Delight (Sauteed Vegetables) 8.25
L9 Beef with Broccoli 8.75
* L10 Shredded Beef Szechuan Style 8.75
L11 Beef with Pea Pods & Mushrooms 8.75
L12 Beef with Mixed Vegetables 8.75
L13 Beef with String Beans 8.75
L14 Sweet and Sour Chicken 8.25
* L15 Szechuan Spicy Pork 8.50
* L16 General Tsao's Chicken 9.75
L17Egg Foo Yong (Shrimp, Roast Pork, Chicken, or Mushroom) 8.25
* L18 Kung-Pao Shrimp 9.00
L19 Shrimp with Pea Pods and Mushrooms 9.25
L20 Shrimp with Sauteed Vegetables 9.00
L21 Shrimp with Cashew Nuts 9.00
* L22 Shrimp with Garlic Sauce9.00
L23 Shrimp with Lobster Sauce 9.00
L24 Chicken Fingers, Boneless Spareribs 9.00
L25 Chow Foon (Chicken, Beef, Shrimp, Pork, or Vegetable) 9.00
L26Egg Roll, Beef Teriyaki, Crabmeat Rangoon 9.00
L27 Chow Mein (Chicken, Beef, Pork, Shrimp, or Vegetable) 8.25
* L28 Fried Tofu with Broccoli 8.25
L29 Chef's Daily Special 9.75

* = indicates hot and spicy

Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.